Friday, May 20, 2016

Change is coming!

What change have you been up to lately? Many times in our life we crave for that. Well, we sometimes reach to a certain point that we wanted to but we do not know how. Alright, let me just speak on my behalf and not yours. I have reached a point in my life now that I so wanted something new (hahahaha!!!! of course i was not talking about the new administration's slogan - Change is coming- but somehow it hits right into me). I wanted to try something I have never done before, something that will challenge me and something that will really bring out the best in me. 

So far 2016 has been so good to me. It opened new avenues for me, new opportunities that I may try for that so called "change" that i wanted. Yes, just like any other new ventures, it is scary and exciting in some way or another, but I am at the point now that I do not know how to make things fall into its own places. Yet i am faithful that God will shower me with His wisdom that I will be able to carry on those opportunities into something wonderful for myself and for others as well. Meantime, I just enjoy those overwhelming surprises and opportunities and just leave everything up to Him. I just indulge my spare time in filling up myself with those new opportunities and new beginnings. After all, all beginnings are really not that easy. I will just continue to hold on to God's promises that His plans for me are way better than mine.

So there you go, just thinking out loud. 


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