Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hello Mr. Sun!

Yes, summer heat is on and Mr. Sun is here with all his his power and might! Staying outdoors is really not a good idea now especially when you just walk around from buildings to buildings. The scorching weather drains all the energy in you. On the lighter note, one good thing about the appearance of Mr. Sun is the outdoor trips! You know, the very famous thing during summer ------ swimming!.... pools.....the sand and the beach! oh la la! who doesn't love swimming?! I bet most Filipinos love swimming! Given the fact that we live in a tropical country, and we Filipinos are just blessed with 7,107 islands of which so many have yet to discover.

Come to think of it, most Filipinos wanted to go abroad to visit new places and yet they have not take their time to discover their own gems in their own country! Back when i was younger, I told myself that I wanted to tour and discover places around my beloved country, the Philippines before i travel and go abroad to see the world (of course, this did not happen but at least now am trying to fulfill it). Call me patriotic or whatsoever but don't you think it would be wonderful to discover new places and new cultures within your country before you go and explore the world so at least you get to exchange people from abroad our various traditions, cultures and our treasures in our own land. Anyway, people have different views, opinions and dispositions, some wanted to see the world while they are young and still has the capability to travel to their heart's (and pockets) content.

Anyway, so as long as you are happy with the way you live your life, go and indulge yourself! God has blessed us with all the wonders He created for us to savor and enjoy! Life is short, let us all live and relish life's so many blessings.

Let us all enjoy summer, the heat, the sweat, the crowd, the laughters and even Mr. Sun! Well, I am very ecstatic, April and May will be filled with so many things i love - birthdays, family, outdoor trips, vacation, beach, pool, friends, laughters, new places and adventure trips! And am sure it will all be worth blogging for, just can't wait for it!

Enjoy Mr. Sun peeps!


Friday, February 28, 2014

Love month

Better late than never! (Wide grin)...... Before the love month ends, let me just share how we spent our Valentine's day.

Way before the Valentine's day, hubby and i were talking about how we are going to spend it. I was supposed to tell him to just spend it after the day itself, but to my surprise, he wanted to spend it on the day itself. According to him, it is really different when it is celebrated on the exact day, the ambience, the people, love is everywhere and in the air! ❤️❤️❤️❤️..... so 14 is the day! Our plan? Well, we both decided to have dinner after work in House of Wagyu in Eastwood. Yup, we wanted to try this intriguing "wagyu" steak, what makes it so expensive and of course just the thrill of eating the steak stone-grilled! After so many deliberation, we both agreed to check the place in advance, make reservations and plan ahead so it will not take us too long to locate the restaurant. We were too excited when we arrived in Eastwood, and eventually found our way to the place - nearest parking: check; oooppppps, we were intimidated on the look of the restaurant, it was very quiet and there was just 1 table occupied, the rest were all empty. So what happened? Hahahaha!!! We both decided not to make reservations and just go straight to the restaurant for our V-day dinner date. Fast forward....on the 14th itself, both of us were too eager and excited for our dinner date as we prepared for the day. We went to work, we were too hyper to complete the day's work and then came the boss (who also happened to be our wedding ninang) approached me around lunchtime and asked me if we already have plans for the day, guess what? I was speechless and motionless, i was caught by her question! Then she handed me 2tickets for a dinner buffet with concert in a club near in my workplace! Well, of course she noticed how my expression went blank. She just mentioned if we made plans then i can just offer it to any of my colleagues. Anyway, i took the tickets and thanked her. I immediately sent a message to hubby, part of me wants to try it and part of me wants to pursue our long-awaited plan. Ending???? We gave it a try, anyway, nothing beats free tickets!


Call me whatever you want to call me but i really have no idea who Mulatto was! Curiosity struck us, we went to the place an hour in advance (told you it is just near in my workplace), thus, we got a good parking! We did the registration, since it was a last minute give away tickets, we did not have any reservations so we ended up on a table near the stage but very far from the buffet table. Most of the people who arrived early were really not of our age group, hubby and i just laughed it off and just told ourselves, for the experience's sake and the raffle's sake, never mind the crowd! Though they were really people from the high society (the club itself is an exclusive for members club and is not open for public, thus, not just the ordinary people like us!).   Slowly, another couple came (am sure without reservation too!) and guess what? - young couple, younger than us! Hahahaha!!! Thought it was great! It was just a little awkward, in as much as i wanted to release my "friendliest side", they just don't seem interested to even start a conversation so, i just content myself with the enthusiasm on how the dinner will be and the concert will go. Several minutes again, another couple occupied our table (of six) and they look young too (even found them newly married) and on the contrary of the other couple in our table, they were both so cheerful and friendly! As we all broke the ice, we found out that all our tickets were all give-away tickets (they got theirs from their parents who apparently are the club members who can't make it to the dinner concert). 

The dinner went well and mulatto's performance was really superb! Mulatto was a band, they were lounge performers. I enjoyed all the music they performed and i just had so much fun! Not to mention the handsome date i had that night which truly made it more special. 

Our date may not be the one that we planned but it was the best unplanned date i had! Wagyu can wait! Hehehehe.... Hello march and perhaps my birth month - april! 


Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy holidays!

Well, i admit this post is indeed late, but i still wanted to share to the whole blog world our own version of holiday greeting cards.

As a matter of fact, it has been a longtime dream of mine to have a holiday greeting photo op with my family.....ok, let me further emphasize it - my own family! Me as the mother, hubby as the father plus our own bundle of joy - our kid! I know, people close to me know i do not have my own kid yet, but i have a kid from a different mother and father, so, lucky me and his name is Chase (you may read my previous post about him) Hehehehe.... Well, i spent the Christmas holiday pretending i was a mom of a 7month old baby. And i swear, it really feels good! I indulged myself in pretending to be a mom, i gave myself the liberty to pretend and act like one. hehehehe!!!! Of course, i did not let the chance pass by without making my longtime dream come true, take a look at the photos below and see for yourself how happy i was. 

Someday, in God's perfect time (which is soonest, amen!), there will no longer be role playing for God just prepared me and hubby to be the parents He wants us to be. 2014 will be our year and i am claiming it! Here's to the best year and the better versions of ourselves! Cheers and let's keep the faith! God can move mountains, He can make impossible things possible! To God be the glory.