Friday, October 25, 2013

What's inside your kikay kit?

Every girl has their own everyday kit, some call it make-up kit, others call it kikay kit or vanity kit. All are synonymous with each other but i opt to call mine as kikay kit! 

Want to take a peek what's inside my kikay kit now? 

I love my green kit! Well, i am so into colored green things this past year especially apple colored green. 

Wait, let me show you what's inside.... 

These are the things i carry with me. Not too fancy but very essential to me. 

Alcohol and hand lotion. I cannot leave the house without these two. I have this certain fetish on hand creams. My current fave now is crabtree & evelyn's pomegranate hand therapy. The smell is good not the best for me though! And I definitely invest on them (hand creams) hahahaha!!! (Invest is the word!)

My Hua Mulan goat horn comb which is the best comb ever for me! My nature republic's oil blotting paper and my morrocan argan oil for my hair (this i would not recommend though, maybe the one i got is not the best of its kind, just do not have a choice because i need to consume it).

My shu uemura eyelash curler (this is really the best and my most ever reliable partner for so long now, it perfectly and comfortably suits my eyelid and curls like magic), fairy drops mascara, burt's bees champagne lip shimmer, lancome l'absolu rouge lipstick (my go go lippie) and my all-time favorite lipstick brand - smashbox! Smashbox was the only lippie so far i used up until it ran out of me. Actually, am not a make-up person type of girl but i try real hard to look my best everyday! Who doesn't anyway? Hahahaha!!! What i meant was i own pieces of basic make-up, i preferred a no make-up make-up look rather than the one who is obviously well done. In short, i just want a natural look, i enhance what i think is my best feature. 

Yup, i have all these in my kikay kit! Clips, elastic bands, safety pins, dental floss and even cotton buds! Hahahaha!!! Funny isn't it? 

Well, there you go, i carry all these things with me everyday! but if i could choose 2items to bring, definitely, the hand cream and alcohol will be on my list. In short,  i just cannot live without lotion! I cannot even sleep without even putting it on. Hahahaha!!! I am one weird girl, not even the most kikay girl will agree that i pass on being called a kikay even my kit, this will surely not pass on as their kikay kit. But who cares, this is mine and i love every single thing in my so-called kikay kit! Hehehehe.... 

How about you girls? Show me what's inside your everyday kit - make-up kit, kikay kit or vanity kit or whatever you call it. 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Corazon with Mi Amour

I love saturdays. Why? Hmmmm..... Aside from it is a weekend, it is a day i look forward to, to breathe out from the stress and from all the hurdles of the work week and the everyday rollercoaster ride. And saturday is a day i get to spend quality time with the husband. Yes, we always spend time together but Saturday quality time means just "us doing something we love and like". Cheesy as it sounds but the husband and i make it a point to just spend time together and we call it "pangga (our term of endearment) time".One of the things we do on a Saturday is trying out some fancy restaurant which spells ..... "FOOD TRIP". Hahahaha!!!! Yeah, i know, i swear how i try real hard to lose the unnecessary pounds on me but who can't resist if food are served with all these very tempting presentation not to mention the cozy ambience! Hmmmm, yup! Am guilty as charged. Hahahahahaha!!!! Thus, i came to label Saturday as my cheatday! Hahahaha!!! 

Let me share with you one of our recent Saturdate and perhaps my kind of food review. Promise, i will be as honest as i can, and just a note this is just my personal opinion. Everybody has different tastes so just don't take it as it is, better try it yourself so you will know.

So here goes my story...... Last saturday was really a hectic one for me at work, the husband has his own fair share of his own thing at work too and some personal errands. Both hungry as a beast, we just cannot make up our mind where to feast. 

We were walking around the new wing of Shangrila Plaza and there was this restaurant that caught our attention - Corazon by Chef Florabel, it is a restaurant offering Filipino Hispano cuisine. 

We both decided to just try it judging by the ambience and the number of people dining in (yes, at times we judged it by the number of people dining in, more people means something, right?, admit it, we are not alone on this! Hehehe). 

So we came up with these orders: 

Paella Mariscos - it is basically paella with seafood, shrimps, oysters, squid, fish fillet and egg. I swear this is the best paella i have ever tasted! Hahahaha!!! Seriously, it sure is mouthwatering and not too tangy which is good i would say. 

We then opted to match this with something like this. 

They call this Campeador. Their version of crispy pork binagoongan. We were surprised because it was a perfect match on the paella (we are still on the process of mastering the art of ordering that's why so proud that we nailed it). The pork is soft and crunchy on the outside, the bagoong has the mixture of salty, sweet and spicy taste and the eggplant made it a perfect combination. 

A big BURP and 2 thumbs up were all we can say! We were amazed that we both cleaned the plates! Hahahaha!!! We were indeed hungry and super enjoyed our meal. 

Of course, the meal will not be complete without the (our favorite part of the meal, hehehe... We are a certified sweet tooth couple...i was the one who influenced the husband to sweets... Hehehehe..) ---- DESSERT! 

Below is a closer look.... 

This is the suman latik with the batangas chocolate. Promise, this is the BEST! The suman was well made and not dry and the chocolate was just so perfect, right sweet with a little bitter taste which complemented the whole taste. And the remaining chocolate, we even licked it up to the last drop! Hahahaha!!! 

So we ended our lunch feast with an ear to ear smile with overflowing satisfaction. It is a bit pricey but it was all worth it and i can say reasonable enough. We will definitely be coming back and will try their other dishes next time! 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A boy named Chase

This year by far is an exciting one for me. One of the many great blessings I got is a boy named Chase.  

This cute little boy makes me feel giddy and joyful all the time.  

Who will not adore him, even in his sleeping form he is just so endearing. 

I just can't seem to get enough of him that even my phone, he is the focal point.  
This guy makes me want to wish for a time machine because the downside of it is we were not yet introduced up close and personal. And i just can't wait to meet him! He is getting more handsome everyday.  And yes, he never fail to amaze me. He is such a breather from all the toxic and cynical aspects of life. 

This boy named Chase is my nephew, an angel and i love him very much.  He makes me realize that God sent him to prepare me for my very own angel. 🙏