Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hello Mr. Sun!

Yes, summer heat is on and Mr. Sun is here with all his his power and might! Staying outdoors is really not a good idea now especially when you just walk around from buildings to buildings. The scorching weather drains all the energy in you. On the lighter note, one good thing about the appearance of Mr. Sun is the outdoor trips! You know, the very famous thing during summer ------ swimming!.... pools.....the sand and the beach! oh la la! who doesn't love swimming?! I bet most Filipinos love swimming! Given the fact that we live in a tropical country, and we Filipinos are just blessed with 7,107 islands of which so many have yet to discover.

Come to think of it, most Filipinos wanted to go abroad to visit new places and yet they have not take their time to discover their own gems in their own country! Back when i was younger, I told myself that I wanted to tour and discover places around my beloved country, the Philippines before i travel and go abroad to see the world (of course, this did not happen but at least now am trying to fulfill it). Call me patriotic or whatsoever but don't you think it would be wonderful to discover new places and new cultures within your country before you go and explore the world so at least you get to exchange people from abroad our various traditions, cultures and our treasures in our own land. Anyway, people have different views, opinions and dispositions, some wanted to see the world while they are young and still has the capability to travel to their heart's (and pockets) content.

Anyway, so as long as you are happy with the way you live your life, go and indulge yourself! God has blessed us with all the wonders He created for us to savor and enjoy! Life is short, let us all live and relish life's so many blessings.

Let us all enjoy summer, the heat, the sweat, the crowd, the laughters and even Mr. Sun! Well, I am very ecstatic, April and May will be filled with so many things i love - birthdays, family, outdoor trips, vacation, beach, pool, friends, laughters, new places and adventure trips! And am sure it will all be worth blogging for, just can't wait for it!

Enjoy Mr. Sun peeps!