Sunday, November 15, 2015

New coffee experience in the metro

I am not a coffee lover. Yes, i repeat not a coffee lover. But wait, what's this subject all about. Let me tell you why.

My husband is a real coffee lover. He can take coffee in the morning, even at lunch and at dinner. Not just fancy coffee - not flavored ones but black coffee just plain coffee, no sugar/honey, or even milk. He once told me that a colleague of him told him that you can best appreciate coffee just as plain as it is. Hmmmm.... Sounds interesting right? But me, nah! Forget it, i usually order juice or hot chocolate or just the plain bottled water everytime we need to hang out and just take a breather in a coffee shop. Boring as it sounds but i just could not take the palpitations i am getting everytime i take a sip of coffee (caffeine maybe) and even the hot chocolate (the cocoa maybe but not as extensive as the caffeine from coffee). 

But, yes i said BUT (smiling face) who would have thought that i will finally and slowly learning how to sip and (lo and behold) drink black coffee! Hahahaha!!! OA as it sounds but i managed to take a sip and learned how not my body react differently (the palpitations i usually experience). 

How did it happen? I don't even know how, but as far as i can remember as i told earlier my husband is a real coffee lover, so every dinnertime he brews coffee, and looking at him enjoying it makes me wonder what is really in it that makes him love it. Until i made a slow move to try it for myself just sipping from his cup while taking a bite of rosquillos (that egg biscuit we love when we were kids), then the rest was history. 

Just a weird thing is that, i do not drink coffee from coffee shops just the one my husband brews. Hehehehe... 

Well, as they say, change is the only permanent thing in this lifetime. During our gf/bf anniversary (uh-huh, that is right, we still celebrate our gf/bf anniversaries even monthsaries... Hehehe.. Sweet? We just love celebrating it - insert wink and smiling face) i asked him to have breakfast in Toby's estate a new coffee shop in Salcedo. Long before, he knows already about this shop as one of his bosses owns it, it just did not made an impact to me as I really am not a coffee lover. They used to have a small area in Century City mall, but when i saw that there was a bigger shop that opened in Salcedo (near my workplace) i kind of invited him to try it for ourselves. Fast forward, i made a very bold move to order coffee for myself.
Toby's estate's Flat White is ❤️❤️❤️! 

Yes, you read it right. Go and try it for yourself and i am telling you, you will surely know what i am talking about. My husband ordered Amerikano. 
Toby's estate's Cafe Amerikano. 

And here are what we paired it with. 

It was truly a wonderful anniversary breakfast date i will never forget. 

Anyway, i hope you will go and try it for yourself. It is actually a new (and wonderful) coffee experience you will love.