Monday, November 18, 2013

Perfect 10 Fridate

Amidst the very big challenge all of us are into now - the aftermath of the supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan as its international name), there was one event me and hubby was looking forward for months now - it's the 10th anniversary concert of Sarah Geronimo dubbed as "Perfect 10".

In celebration to our 13-year love and commitment (bf-gf anniv), we both decided to watched her concert. Here are photos of our "Perfect 10 Fridate". 

We took our time dining in Cibo as we know concerts really do not start on time, true indeed, it started past 9 already. 

And here's what we saw inside the Araneta.... 
This is from where we were seated. It is jampacked! Well, no doubt because when we bought our tickets it was just less than a week when they opened the ticket selling but all Patron A were sold out and ours were the only seats available near! Yes, i was surprised as Sarah really has a huge fan base and the sold out tickets validated it. Wow! 

Here are the snippets of her concert....

L-R: Mark B., Sarah G., Rachelle Ann Go, and Christian B. - Sarah called them as her true friends in the industry. 

This was i think before she sang Creep which was really a breathtaking performance! I salute her for that as she exceeded my expectations. Funny thing is, Sarah said to love her still even if she will not hit the notes but she managed to pull it off and nailed it! Bravo! 

This Regine-Sarah-Lea production was really awesome! They really deserve the standing ovation. And you know what has surprised me, i was in awe of Sarah as she has brought out her outstanding vocal prowess, she was really great, just great!

This was her last performance among the many songs she sang, her finale was a dance production and ended it with an upbeat song!

To top it all, proceeds of her concert were donated to the Typhoon Yolanda victims. Kudos to this young lady with a big heart (no wonder a lot of people love her) and the whole production team for their generosity and for the wonderful show! 👏👏👏 

Among the many things why people love her is because Sarah Geronimo is just like an ordinary girl embracing her imperfections yet her humility, goodness and her heart makes her extraordinary. 

I ended my so-called "Perfect 10 Fridate" with a smile and overflowing positivity.