Saturday, December 14, 2013

Paint your toes

Here's where i ended up after hours of walking around doing some christmas errands. Yes, my toes and feet need some attention and they were screaming to the highest level! Tired, harassed and overused! Hahahaha!! 

I opted to be bolder this time! Actually, this is my second try for a professional help, so, i did not hesitate on trying a bolder color. I chose orly's naughty,'s Christmas and anything goes as long as we are happy so let's be bolder and happier! 

Advance merry Christmas everyone! Let us always remember Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. 


Monday, December 9, 2013

Cutesy and artistic wedding invite

I just got the most creative, artistic and cutesy wedding invite and i can't wait to share it here in my little hidden world (blog). 

Take a look at the package. Believe it or not the soon to be bride and groom made this from scratch! Resouceful and very innovative, right? 

I was really amazed in their ingenuity. Here are my other snapshots. 

I love everything they did on their invite! The invite made me feel so giddy and ecstatic for their wedding. Can't wait to witness their union and the party!!!!! 

Love is indeed in the air!